Sunday, 5 August 2012


I've had this comment bookmarked for ages - as soon as I read it, it was like a lightbulb moment of "Yes! This is exactly what it was like!!!"

From a Jezebel commenter:

Texting while you're breastfeeding is not going to make you tense. It's going to make you feel slightly more connected to the rest of humanity and slightly less like a milk-covered sweaty captive beast who is milked every hour for two months by an incredibly cruel and demanding tiny master who gives you no affection in return for 24 hour intensive care, and in fact actively causes you pain and attempts to cover you in his fluids at least once a day, while you cry and watch daytime television.

So much of the difficulty in the early days came from the lack of return with the baby. I remember the first time she smiled - after almost two months. And I would tell everyone who asked (and even those who didn't) that that was the start of our turnaround together - all of a sudden she realised there was something going on and there was someone helping her out.

Just have to remember it eventually gets better....!

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