Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dear baby - fifteen months

Dear baby,

The fact that I'm not getting a chance to sit down and write this until a few days after the fact probably says more than I can about the pace things are moving at around here.

The walking has really taken off. So has running. Quick little spirts of speed, usually down the hallway or towards the ensuite, that also usually end with a tumble on to the carpet. You're pretty robust, and it only bothers you when you're tired, so you're a lot tougher than I was as a baby (it seems). It's so cute to lay on the bed and see the top of your fruzzy little hair bounding along behind the headboard.

This past weekend we went north for a wedding where daddy was in the bridal party. The weather was delightful but you didn't sleep well and he was caught up in wedding stuff all day and things got a bit rough for poor, old, me. The apartment was small, so we would try and get out, but then you only want to go up and down the stairs, or bang on other peoples doors, or walk through the gardens. You would have naps that lasted for 2 hours or so and then you'd be up and at them. And we didn't bring the stroller and you didn't want to be held or carried. And then I spent the whole ceremony trying to stop you eating cow poop or rushing the bridal party at the front, and then the ceremony chasing a tired a hot you through a crowd of people before we called it a night before people were even seated. You were okay on the plane, but gone are the days where you will sit and just nap on my lap.

You've taken an increased liking to your books - there is a 'shapes' one that you are particularly obsessed with, though mainly to pull the flaps completely out of the book. But you'll also wander the house with a book, holding it out for me to start reading it to you only to have you flip the pages ahead faster than I can read and then go find something else to do.

You're showing much more interest in our food than yours. You don't eat much of your weetbix anymore, so I'm going to have to do something else. Which is a bit tricky because it was one of the ways we could be sure to get dairy in to you. I've taken to having vegemite toast for morning tea and you're a big fan of that - this morning you were pointing to the bread and toaster so I got you a piece of your own - I kind of love that you're a vegemite monster like me.

You're getting more vocal - you're always making noises. You call out 'doo' for your dummy, but we're doing better at keeping it from you this month. When I tell you I'm going to run your bath, you often repeat 'ba' and smile. You know 'duck' and you even pointed one out in the book we were reading last night. You love to say 'yay!' and clap your hands which is super adorable. You're getting more accurate with your 'yes' and 'no', and you've amped up the 'mum mum mum' when you want me which is cute. You also say 'bup' for when you want to be picked up - this is my 'fault' because you used to say it, so I would repeat it, and now here we are!

You're still big on the outside - quite often when we've been out, I'll put you down in the carport so you can walk in yourself (with help on the stairs), though you often head to the carport door to head out the front. You do like to climb up and down the steps holding my hand, and I think you're getting better and better at this. Though, we took you to the beach while we were up north and you were really not impressed. As soon as your feet touched the sand (it wasn't hot) you turned around and tried to climb up my legs, calling out 'mum mum mum!!'. Perhaps we need to go to the beach more? That can't be a bad thing!

We're probably going to have to take you in for a haircut soon - your wispy hair is getting longer and down to your eyes in the front, with adorable little curls in the back. Because you hate having your hair dried properly after a bath you always wake up with a crazy hairstyle in the morning, but you're getting better at leaving in the hairclips that I put in to help you see.

You're still cheeky - you still love the toilet brush, the dog food, the dog water, your baby wipes. You're getting more and more interested in pulling out the utensils from the second drawer down - heaven help us when you can reach the top drawer. The husband noted the other week how when I tell you off you just smile, but if he does then you listen. Even when you're being naughty, you're very cute, so I need to work better at this otherwise who knows where we'll be.

You're also very sweet - I've had a few stressful moments of late that ended with me in tears. The first time it happened you watched me, then you gave me a half smile and imitated my sniffing until I stopped. The next time it was about to happen, you stopped and watched me with that half smile, like you knew what was going to happen and you wanted to help, and all was okay.

Some of your naps have been getting longer too - there have been more and more that have lasted an hour or two - a great chance for me to unwind or have a nap myself. I guess this is part of you growing older! After a few speedbumps while we were away (you were in a travel cot in our room, this didn't work for anyone) and then switching over with daylight savings, you returned to your 7.30-7.30 sleep (this works for all of us).

Speaking of, you'll be up soon, so I better finish what tidying up I can do. But I'll wait until you're up before I hang out the washing - who am I to take away some outside fun from you?

Kisses, baby - *muah!*

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