Tuesday, 30 October 2012


With family photos booked in for this Saturday morning, I took the baby in for her first haircut.

It's not that she really needed one, more that her fringe would hang in her eyes and while she likes having a hairclip put in, she also really likes pulling it out. And then she really likes bringing it to you and putting her head down so you will put it back in. And then repeating. A lot.

I wasn't sure how she would go, so I was a little stressed.

She sat in the chair like a grownup with her plastic cover on.

And then she pulled it off.

And wriggled.

And kept grabbing for comb.

And scrunched up her face and blew air at the hairdresser through her nose (I'm guessing it tickled).

It got better when I sat and held her.

And it got even better when the other hairdresser came over to distract her.

But it doesn't look great.

I don't know if it's because I'm not used to it and it's kind of wonky and because she won't let me put her hair up, but it's a change.

At least she's not always looking through the mop of her fringe.

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