Tuesday, 25 June 2013

No nap

The Toddler is yet to nap in her 'big girls bed'.

I have got her to spend time in it, and play quietly in there with her, but inevitably she's say 'go play?' and we'll leave the room and give up. Today, she did fall asleep while we were out shopping, so that was nice. And she did sleep until 745 yesterday - I heard banging from her room and walked in to see she had flicked on her lamp and was quietly playing with her books.


We have to wait in her room with her until she is asleep.

Tonight, it was 20 minutes of sitting and standing and sitting and standing while every so often she'd call out for me to make sure I was still there. At one point I said 'mummy is going to the kitchen, okay?' To which I got a panicked 'no?!!!' in reply.

Luckily, the husband's friend pulled out of playing squash tonight, so he was home to manage a hungry Bubby.

I think we're going to have to love her and leave her to settle, and it would have been a steep learning curve for her tonight.

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