Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Play feeding

The Toddler doesn't have many dolls. She has two, but she doesn't really show all that much interest in them.

Which is why when she started playing with one the other day, I was really curious to see what would happen.

She cradled it and gave it a hug. Then she pulled up her shirt as if to feed it, and placed it on her bellybutton.

I chose to not read in to that as an indicator on sagginess on my behalf.

Then this morning, she found some of the padded inserts from an old bra of mine, and stuck them down her shirt - she told The Bubby 'it's time to feed!' and then pulled them out and left them on the bedside table.

She also tries to help with The Bubby is distracted at feeding time, by pushing on her head to say 'not watching tv! It's time to feed!' before whispering 'that's better' when it looks like she will feed.

It's adorable, but also interesting to see how much of it she has taken in. She does point and say 'milk in there' and knows kind of what's going on when I have to express. I am just glad she has never asked for any.

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