Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hips - one year check up

We had the 12 month checkup on the baby's hips today.

She was nice and still for the xray, which was handy as the husband was at work so it was just me. Old habits die hard, and she just wanted to grab her feet and stick her butt up in the air (like she did in the harness), but the girl operating the machine took it pretty well.

The appointment with the surgeon was very quick. He put the xrays up on the wall and showed us that the socket joints are both in the right place, which is good. He drew all the angles and showed us that her left hip is still on 30 degrees (the same as it was in Feb) and her right hip is also on 30 degrees (it was 40 in Feb).

We will have another xray in 12 months time (no mention of an 18 week scan and night bracing (which is awesome!) but we wonder if we should have brought that up with him). He is hoping that her angles will be at 20 when she is 2 years old. If they are at 30 at 2 years old, she has a 50/50 chance of having normally developed hips as adult, so we would continue to monitor it before considering surgery.

Very glad to have that over and done with for a whole year, though already secretly dreading how that appointment will go, and what results it might bring. He noted that she is moving well, which seems to be a good thing, and he said that it could be that everything is fine but that the ossification is taking longer than average because she had the dysplasia - fingers crossed that that's all it is.

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