Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ten days with no post...

... and I wanted to pop back and let you know what's going on.

I started this to get my brain going and keep it moving during those early days of being a mum. I started to write it for me, so I had something to focus on each day, something to accomplish, something to keep me going and something that I knew I could look back on one day and remember what it was all like.

Somewhere along the line, it turned it to it being something I was writing for the baby. Something to show her what her life was like during the days that neither of us will remember in much detail.

I return to work part time next week, and I've been slowly preparing to drop back in to the 'real' world. I'll be juggling work, as well as housework, cooking and mad variety of tasks that make up the collective of 'mother' (What will she eat? What will she wear? where are those socks? Is she unwell? What did she say? When did her hair get so long?).

My intention is to keep updating, but it won't be every day.

Thank you for sharing in the little details that made this journey what it was - now let's all take a load off and see where it takes us next.

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