Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pa daycare

The baby and I spent the day with her Pa, practicing for his first full day running 'Pa daycare' next week. We stopped past his work, we had lunch with my mum, went to Costco, and came home. He got to open and close the pram, get her after her nap, feed he afternoon tea, play a bit, and change a dirty nappy.

I warned him not to expect to get a lot done - my main worry being that a day of doing 'nothing' can be harder than you expect. He stated that as long as she doesn't cry all day, then it will be a success - even tears for half the day is half a win!

I'm sure it is all going to go fine, and I feel good knowing that he is there to be able to do it, and also that he is keen (at this stage!).

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