Tuesday, 23 April 2013

On the future

I was skimming through the articles on one of the many 'mommy blogs' that I have in my RSS feed, and came across a story of a 7 year old girl who decided to start fundraising for cancer the day after her moth died of breast cancer.

It stopped me.

7 years old and her mother died.

In five years time, that could be me and The Toddler.

Or, even now, if I were to die, I would leave two daughters with no mother.

It's like I spent all pregnancy thinking about and hoping that my babies would arrive safely. And then, I seem to skip straight through to them being teenagers.

Even on the odd occasion I've thought about what would happen if something happened to The Husband or I, I've never considered the impact on our daughters.

Obviously, I know it is a terribly sad event when a parent dies.

But how sad to be the parent that dies, the sadness you carry for yourself and the sadness you carry for the hurt you are causing.

How heartbreaking.

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