Sunday, 21 April 2013

Out of the house

We did it! We got out of the house.

The Bubby woke every three hours last night, so I was a little tireder than usual. In fact, when she woke at 5:30, I could hear her in my dream, but my brain wasn't computing that I needed to get up and feed her. It was only when The Husband shook me softly and said 'Sweetie... She's making a lot of noise...' that I came out of the fog and remembered what my job is.

The Husband got up at 7:30 when The Toddler called out, and while I registered that it happened, it felt like I only just closed my eyes before they were both in the room with me. It was actually 90 minutes later.

Considering it took 45 minutes to feed The Bubby, we did remarkably well to o my arrive at the markets 30 minutes later than what we did as a three person family. Plus I got the Ergo on and working fine with minimal stress.

The plan is that I can get out to the shops tomorrow, we'll see how we go. And if we can't get the timing right, I'm confident that The Husband and I could take both of the out. And I'm even feeling a little sure that I could manage taking the two of the out together, for a quick trip, if I loaded The Toddler up with treats.

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