Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I worry about my past self a little.

I worry about how I bonded with The Toddler, if it took me too long.

I don't think it did any damage, she does love her mum, but I still feel bad.

It took me almost a month to realise how much I loved my first born - but I've been pretty smitten the whole time this time around.

I guess there is some truth in that she might be more settled because I am, and I definitely feel more settled because she is. We would have got such a rude shock if our babies were born the opposite way around - I couldn't imagine going through what we did with The Toddler now, with a toddler.

It's actually a really nice way to wind up my baby making days. There were some really tough days with The Toddler, and I know there will be really tough days with The Bubby, but it's nice to know that I'll have these easy days and quiet moments to look back on.

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