Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Whinge and whine


You guys.


The Toddler has a whine when she is tired.

"Wheh wheh wheeeeeeeh. Wheh wheh wheeeeeeeeh."

Nothing puts an end to it.

This is followed closely by her second favourite whining noise "Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy". Even when I'm there. In front of her or holding her or having her on my lap. "Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy".

Today, I just couldn't handle any more. She woke up from her nap and it began and it didn't end. While I changed her nappy, while I redressed her, while I gave her a hug, while I told her (not harshly) that that was enough of that noise and to come out and join me when she is ready to stop whining.

When she came out, she agreed to some nurofen.

And tonight in the bath I found half of her bottom right molar popping through.

That probably explains some of that.

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