Thursday, 15 August 2013


Wednesdays are more than just a hump day to me - they are the day before The Toddlers two days in daycare, the last of three days home alone with my two girls.

Wednesday night is a thrill - I am ready to get out of the house at 6pm on the dot to take the girls to family tea with The Husbands family. It's actually a joy for us all, with The Toddler having a bunch of adult friends to play with (making everyone pretend to sleep, play hide and seek, offer them tea, steal their chairs), The Bubby getting laughs and cuddles from extended family, and I get to kick back and relax a little and catch up with adults.

I must say though, after having The Toddler for the weekend, I did notice that some of the family are sounding more and more like me when speaking to her when she's playing up/being trying - a nice little affirmation (in a way) that being worn down is not something that just happens to me.

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