Saturday, 16 June 2012

Ball pit

We went to two birthday parties today - one for our 2 year old goddaughter, and one for our friends first birthday.

The first party started earlier so we stopped past and watched the older kids play. The baby was on the floor for a little bit, but a boy pushed her over when she got too close to the toy kitchen he was playing with, so we scooped her back up and entertained her with foot (grape! kiwi fruit! watermelon! pineapple! rice chip!).

The second party was a bit more packed out, and the baby was easily entertained at first with some food (pizza! fairy bread! caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!!!) but we managed to hustle over to the toys just after the cake was cut.

And she had a ball in the ball pit!

The last time we went to one, she really wasn't impressed with it. She kind of balanced on it with uncertainty and just kept looking at me to get out.

This time, she kept trying to crawl in (we had to keep her out until the older kids were out). And when she was in she was making noise like we'd never heard her before - it sounded like she was trying to be the centre of attention - and flapping her arms around and 'throwing' balls.

Looks like we might be getting her one for her birthday!

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