Monday, 18 June 2012

Little things

- managing to get one hand out of the baby's grasp, then she grabs on to my pant leg and walks beside me.

- walking the dogs and the pram down to the shops, listening to her sing nonsense.

- her hair is growing and curls on the back left side, not so much on the right.

- changing her nappy, getting a nasty surprise and saying 'blerch!' - she copies your face and sticks her tongue out.

- watching quietly from a room behind as she powercrawls through the house.

- watching her kiss her reflection in the mirror.

- taking up her offer of her drink bottle, pretending to guzzle it to make her laugh.

- rocking like when she was a baby and watching her eyelids get heavy.

- packing things in a bowl and watching her pull out each item, study it, then discard it with a fling.

- asking her to pass me a bath toy, and watching her eyes crinkle as I make it slide down the edge of the bath.

- the cheeky way she stops at the laundry door and shakes her head 'no' before she tries to get to the dogs water bowl.

- standing in front of the tv and trying to touch the balloons through the screen.

- sneaking in kisses when she's on my lap and distracted.

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