Sunday, 24 June 2012

Party night

Last night we headed out for a friends birthday party - we'd been bowling in the afternoon, then dropped home for a baby nap and to get ready, then the baby was heading off to my parents for dinner and a sleep while the husband and I headed out for dinner, drinks and dessert.

I dropped the baby off just before 6pm and we picked her up close to midnight.

For those few hours, we we were able to switch off and just hang out with our friends. And not only was it good for us, but it was good for our friends (who haven't yet started a family), and it was good for the baby (her first real babysitting night in my family home) and good for my parents (who got to dinner and bath and bed with her).

It was so reassuring to see how easily she settled for my parents and how much they seemed to enjoy having her - there's going to be a few things coming up towards the end of the year where the baby will need to stay with family overnight...!

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