Thursday, 21 June 2012

Turn around, bright eyes

I got the baby's carseat turned today.

She was on the top shoulder strap of her seat, and the set up of the rear-facing seat meant that the taller she got, the more the passenger seat had to be pushed forward.

I knew that we were nearing the point where she would need to be turned, and I knew that I would have no idea how to do it - I  knew I would have to get the husband to do it, that there would be some swearing, and that I would then have either drive her in a seat we weren't sure was correctly installed or stay home bound until a Friday when the husband was home and I could head out with out her.

We drove from Kidsafe down to the clinic to get her weighed and measured, and I think she enjoyed it. She doesn't have the sun randomly shining straight on to her face (win!) and she can see a lot more.

It was also odd for me - I'm used to be able to look at the rear view mirror and see her reflection in the little mirror we suction capped to the rear window - now I need to turn my head more, and I'm actually looking straight at her! It did make me talk to her more in the car, so that's probably a good thing too.

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