Monday, 13 May 2013

Going it alone

Today was my first full day home alone as a mother of two. Two under two.

The Bubby was wonderful and gave us her first five hour break, with a feed just before ten, and then again just before 3am. I think I got almost four hours sleep in a block (BLISS), then another few hours before she woke up at 6:30. Both feeds she was nice and efficient, didn't get gassy and put herself to sleep after a grunting medley in the bassinet.

The Toddle woke up just after 8:30. Well, who knows what time she actually woke up (she stirred at 6:30 when The Husband got up to ride to work, but she resettled), but just after 8:30 is when I heard her. Poor thing. She'll get used to the fact that mummy sleeps like the dead when there's a newborn in the room.

The day actually went really well. I think I was expecting it to be terrible and expecting me to be terrible, but both girls were happy all day. The Bubby only cried out to be held a few times, The Toddler went down for her nap quite easily and was happy with all our activities (she only watched tv while I fed The Bubby). We were housebound with the rain, so we tidied my room, ate some noodles at the bench, made french toast, entertained The Bubby in the rocker while I did the dishes, went to visit my dad in the afternoon and picked up The Husband from work.

Granted, there was a period of ten minutes where The Bubby did an actual vomit over me and on to the splash mat in her room, and while I was repeating my 'we'll be fine' mantra, I walked in to the family room to see the back door wide open and The Toddler splashing in rain puddles in her socks, then one of the dogs threw up twice in his crate.... but overall, a success.

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