Friday, 3 May 2013

Pump it

We had another slightly unsettled night last night.

The Bubby woke at 1am for a feed, but only did 4 minutes on the left side (with lots of groaning and pulling off and on) and a normal length of time on the right.

She woke again just before 5am (which is a good block of sleep for me!) but again, only did 4 minutes on the left. And she was on and off, and groaning and gassy, and squirmy and wriggly and grumpy. And wouldn't burp easily. And I could see her little face in the dim nightlight being sprayed with milk (after The Husband finally bathed her again and her hair was so soft and fluffy!). It took more than 90 minutes from the start of the feed before she was back in bed.

And then she was awake and hungry less than an hour after going to sleep.

After another disappointing feed on the left, I dropped The Toddler at daycare and raced to the local chemist to buy the first electric breast pump I could find (our cheapier from The Toddler's days no longer worked).

15 minutes and 140ml from the left, 10 minutes and 90 from the right.
Ahhhhhh. Such relief.

(the pump makes a funny rythym noise as it's working - at first it sounded like it was chanting 'Go! Go! Go!', then it sounded like it was insulting me...)

(Also - today marks one week of The Toddle being almost completely dummy free! They couldn't find it at daycare for her nap last Friday, so she napped without it (after gagging on the 'spare' one they offered her). So apart from one day on the weekend when she found one in her bed (and I snuck in and pulled it out once she was asleep) and yesterday at daycare when they found her dummy and gave it back to her (after saying 'yuck' she happily took it), she is done! We did have a minor setback last night when she was nagging for it from bed and then worked herself up in to a state, but I am hoping it was a one off (and The Husband settled her, so if worst comes to worst he can do it again).

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