Wednesday, 29 May 2013

(Quality) time

Similar to this time last time, I wonder about how much quality time The Bubby is getting.

Fortunately/Unfortunately for me, I have on record how much more I would do with The Toddler when she was a baby.

The Bubby sleeps a lot. She is awake for a little bit after a feed, then off she goes (when it's not night and she's not squawking at me). For example, yesterday afternoon she fed at around 1pm, and I sat and burped her while The Toddler watched tv. When the show finished, The Bubby was already asleep, so I put her in her bassinet. But then she stirred and woke, but The Toddler had already watched six episodes of Peppa Pig and I needed her to stop doing that before her brain turned to mush. So I left The Bubby and she put herself to sleep, while I put on some nappies and unpacked the dishwasher with The Toddler.

Poor thing. I hope I'm not making her stupid. I've already 'realised' that this is all I am, so I really should do a better job of it.

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