Thursday, 30 May 2013


I had a follow up with the physio yesterday, after noticing pain in my pelvis while chasing after The Toddler.

Well, it seems it was more out of line than it was when I was pregnant. One side was pushed further down and back than the other, and she seemed to think I should have been in a support belt while pregnant. I'm kind of glad she found something, as I made the appointment myself and it had started to feel better recently.

After physically manipulating the bones in my pelvis, the physio also pulled one of my legs longer and then massaged my butt. Awesome. (It wasn't awesome). Because my glute muscle was compensating for my pelvis it was REALLY tight, and I really didn't it!

She then got me to stand on one leg and lift the other - the difference was amazing! I knew it was harder to move around, but just figured it's because I'm bigger than I have been (though I've lost a little over 2kg in the last two weeks!), but it was largely because of my hip.

Annoyingly, I'm only allowed to do walking, stationary bike and/or swimming (no breaststroke) for at least the next four weeks. She has given me some core/pelvic floor exercises to do and she will reasses at the next visit.

Now I need to return the gym gear I got excited and bought, because I should hopefully be smaller by the time I can use it.

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