Sunday, 1 September 2013

Coast trip - there we go


And it wasn't so bad...

For The Toddler, she was very well behaved. Not one tantrum and she loved her Granny!

But there was a lot of stress. Like when she was forcing Pa's DVD player closed. When she would continually ask for Peppa Pig and then not watch it. When she broke the coffee table. When she kept picking the flowers. When she kept putting crumbs and toys all over the floor. When she put buttery fingerprints all over the glass door. When she spilt milkshake all over the floor/table/seat cushion. When she wouldn't go to bed. When she finally went to bed at 9, took until 930 to fall asleep and then woke up at 630. When she came in to my bed with The Husband at 7, climbed all over me for an hour then heard Granny get out of bed and forced me to hang out in my pyjamas for another two hours while The Husband and The Bubby got to sleep more.

But, again, she loved her Granny and her Granny loved having her there.

And I love her profiteroles!!!!

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