Sunday, 15 April 2012


The baby almost always seems to have a mark or two no her face. If it's not drool rash on her chin, she'll have scratched herself with her nails or been bitten by a mosquito.... or now, it could be a bruise/bump.

I was preparing soup and cake for family dinner tomorrow and had the baby in the kitchen with me. She was happy enough on the floor on her little sofa chair, but then she turned and tipped and faceplanted in to the fridge door.


(Although, it could have been worse because our kitchen is tiled, so she could have hit her head on those!).

I picked her up straight away - she had started to cry pretty much immediately. And then when I picked her up she looked at me and then she buried her head in to my neck and I felt. the. worst.

I mean, she is totally going to get lots of bangs and bumps, but she was just so sad and wanted comfort from me. Even though I let it happen to her.

When the husband sat down with her to give her dinner, I saw there was a mark on her head where she banged it. And as I fed her before she went to sleep, I could feel it is slightly raised.

I wonder what it will look like tomorrow?

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