Monday, 16 April 2012


The smallest of things can herald the biggest of changes.

As well as all of the rocking on the knees, the baby has been getting her rock on when she's sitting. Now, she quite often bends her knees so her feet are at the sides.

This is only small,  but it's the way you see kids, or even adults, sit on the floor.

A few times, she has rocked herself on to her hands and knees (and a few times on to her face), but she's getting the hang of it. All of the pieces are coming together.

Today she wormed herself over to the dogs beds a few times. Once to grab the bigger dogs toe - she was unimpressed, but very patient. Once to try to grab the smaller dog - he glared at her and turned so that his back was to her, perhaps in the hope that she would just dissapear.

She is also being covered in dirt and dog hair on the front of her clothes - I guess I need to ramp up my vaccumming. Or just buy more baby clothes. One or the other....

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