Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What would wee do?

I was at the shops the other day, buying nappies for our holiday, when I saw a mum pushing a stroller alongside her two young daughters (maybe 4 and 6 years old).

One was chasing a balloon, the other had one hand on the stroller, the other in that 'I need to pee' place.

And she was telling her mum that she needed to pee, while the mum was telling her to hurry.

She was a youngish mum, and I thought doing quite a good job of herding her kids to the car.

Then, halfway through another chorus of "Mum! I need to wee! Mum! I need - " she stopped. And I turned. Just in time to see the young girl freeze and just pee herself, and her stockings and skirt.

I think the mum handled it amazingly well - she saw me looking and called out 'we're having an accident!', and I offered her a plastic bag that I had sitting under my stroller.

But as I walked in to the shop, it got me thinking about what would I have done.

Logically, I would hope that I would take my daughter to the bathroom.
But then, I know it would be a hassle to herd three kids back in to the shopping centre once you're finally done shopping.

I think I'm planning to copy what I think my parents did with me. Myself and my brothers were made to go to the bathroom before we left the house, even if we didn't need to.

This is probably why I can't remember how my parents managed us all in public bathrooms (did the boys go in to the girls?).

This is also probably why I have to go to the bathroom before I leave somewhere, even if I've only been five or ten minutes earlier.

But then, it should cut down on the chances my daughter will pee herself in the middle of a carpark.

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