Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dad dad dad

The title pretty much gives it away, right? The baby has her second word: "dad".

It comes as no surprise - each time she would start with "bub bub bub" and the husband was home, he would interrupt her with "dad dad dad!" or "dad?" or start a game of "baby, daddy, baby, daddy" as he pointed to her and to himself (until a little throat clearing reminded him that there was someone else in the room who, you know, might like her daughter to say her title, seeing as she does the whole 24-hours-a-day-of-care-for-over-nine-months-now-plus-gestation-time thing).

We thought we had heard it a few times here and there, but we weren't really sure. Then Monday night when she started her usual middle of the night cry, it sounded like she was chucking a few 'dad dad dad's in there too. But she made it pretty clear for me on Tuesday - I now have a few videos on the husbands iPad of her saying it (as well as a few videos of her crying and not saying it - more crying baby footage, hooray!).

When he came home from work, I showed him the footage of her second word. And he somewhat sheepishly stated that perhaps we can work on "mum mum mum" now.

She says it more when she is upset, and I must say, it's both a little sad and a little funny to see her crying and calling out for him when we both know he's not there. Like we can both blame him for the fact that she is upset and he'll never know. Neither will she, I guess....

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