Thursday, 12 April 2012

On the move

The baby has been soooooooooooo close to crawling for a while. She is so much better at getting up on her hands and knees, and she has been rocking back and forth, but she hasn't quite worked out how to move.

The last few days, she's been lifting her whole body up, so she is balanced on her hands and toes, like a giant capital 'A'.

After her nap and afternoon tea, I sat down with her on the mat and told her that today would be the day she moves. So we played around on the mat, moving toys around just out of her reach.

It didn't work. And she was whingy. But it wasn't yet dinner time, so I sat with her and programmed the heater and put on the tv.

The baby LOVES the tv remote. I think because the buttons are nice and squishy and it's smooth and it lights up, but she loves it. Normally, I give her the other remote that I can lock, so she gets to play with buttons and put it in her mouth, but not change the channel.

The baby now does a wormy crawl for the remote, if you put it just out of her reach.

Of course, I filmed it for the husband. I was lucky that when I told her that today would be her crawling day, I grabbed the husbands iPad from the bedroom - so I also have her first attempts before it was really clear what she was doing.

Of course, because it was around 5.30 in the afternoon, she was in the middle of her 'whinge for two hours' thing that she often does, and I had to keep moving the remote just out of her reach to keep her moving, it looks like I spent the afternoon taunting her in to crawling. But it totally wasn't like that!

Excitingly, she also did her first full-on rock in to a faceplant. I was showing the husband her 'trick' after she had her bath and she got up on all fours and started to rock, but really started to get in to it. We both knew what was going to happen, and she just launched herself forward. Which is not great to see (she wasn't bothered in the slightest, but it can't have been fun!) but great in that it means she should start to piece it all together.

I'm pretty excited to see what happens tomorrow!!!

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