Sunday, 1 April 2012

Poop face

The baby has a pretty clear poop face - she glazes over, gets an internal focus, turns red in the cheeks, and grunts and pushes and strains as she gets her business done.

She was running us through this routine as we were waiting for our breakfast to arrive. We had her up on the table, trying to keep her entertained so she could stretch her legs before a big drive, and to combat the fact that she was hungry and tired.

I could smell it, so I took her in to the change table to sort her out. And then I had a mini freak out that she had terrible nappy rash - something really wasn't looking right in her nappy.

And then I realised that she was still pooping.

And what I saw next I can never un-see.

Hopefully, that's the only time in my life I need to see exactly how all that works...!

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