Monday, 23 April 2012

Now you clap

I mentioned before that the baby 'learnt' how to clap.

It never progressed much past the crazy 'I'm banging invisible cymbals together and it's AWESOME' thing, but for a while there it was like she had forgotton how to do it, and thought I was a crazy woman just sing-yelling 'clap clap clap! clap clap clap!' at her at random intervals.

But, of late, she's picked it up again.

And she's put her own little twist on it.

Now, if she's sitting on your lap, she grabs on to your thumbs and makes YOU clap. Bizarre!

Although, I guess it makes sense - the amount of time I (and others!) have spent staring at her with a super happy smile while we clap her hands together, she's probably thinking she's helping us be happy.

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