Monday, 26 March 2012



We had friends over on Saturday for a party for my (and the husband's) upcoming birthday. While the weather was lovely and sunny, there was a cool wind. And I found out how easy it can be to lose that 'what is my baby doing/wearing/eating' focus when you're working you're 'what are these 50 people doing/needing/eating' focus. And now she has a runny nose.

I thought it was just linked to the teething, but she has had a few of those visible snot runs that you see on other babies and you think 'ugh, seriously? Clean up that kid!' and she's been grumpy and scrunching at her nose and ears and face... which is also a teething sign.

We ran the humidifier last night and we'll run it again tonight, just to try to help this move along.

And I'm going to need to stay more on top of what's going on with her next time we have a big gathering.

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