Friday, 30 March 2012

Tumble time

The inevitable happened - the baby fell off the bed.

We were almost ready to leave for a wedding that started at 3pm, when the husband changed the baby for the last time. We were staying in a motel, so he placed a change mat on the bed, turned to get the nappies and then we heard the "THUD" and the "waaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH".

It was terrible.

She was really, really upset (understandably) but we were lucky she landed flat on her bed.

A quick call to our nurse friend confirmed that as long as she cried straight away, didn't have any noticeable bumps or marks, and wasn't favoring one leg or one arm, then she was probably okay. Typically, we were pretty rural, so we had no easy internet and no real knowledge of where the closest medical centre would have been.

The husband felt really terrible about it - out of shock, I believe the first thing he said was "there she goes" - perhaps he heard the cry and didn't realise what happened, or had figured it was inevitable. I promised him that if it hadn't been on his watch, it would have definitely been on mine.

And of course, we won't be leaving her up anywhere, ever again*.

(*although, when we came home from the wedding, I walked in to the room after him to see him placing her on the middle of the bed!)

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