Friday, 4 May 2012

Bullet proof / Baby proof

The baby moves a lot freer now - she pulls herself along on her belly, swooshing both hands to one side and then the other like she's doing some bizarre hula dance. After watching her slam a finger in the tv unit draw and expel massive amounts of drool from her mouth while chewing on a tiny leaf from one of our oak trees (and then catching the babyproofing segment on Better Homes & Gardens), the baby and I ducked off to Bunnings to drop nearly $200 on babyproofing stuff.


I bought some of the hanging cupboard things that I remember my parents having in the bathroom, but they are SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT that I don't know that we can be trusted to keep them on all the time. I think I won't even bother installing the ones that I bought where you stick a finger the crack at the top of the drawer or cupboard and push down, because I saw these nifty ones that you open by waving a magnet in front of it.

Of course, while I was pottering around and babyproofing things (I stuff my back wiping up some spat-up banana on Wednesday morning), the baby found her way to the floor lamp and worked out that banging the floor clicker on the floor is not only annoyingly loud, but turns the light on and off and on and off.

And then she made her way to the dog food bowl for a sample.

I guess things get different types of easier and different types of harder.

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