Saturday, 26 May 2012

Stand up

So  the baby pulled herself up on Sunday.

Then she did it a few times (with help) on Wednesday night when we put her toys up on the couch out of her reach.

Then she did it on Thursday when I noticed her go quiet from the other room and walked in to find her standing at the coffee table with the remote.

While the husband was watching the baby monitor yesterday, it filled up with her face - baby was standing in the crib. I went in and grabbed her and declared that she wasn't to go back in the cot until it was dropped to its lowest height (I just googled and found that you're meant to drop it as soon as they learn to sit).

The husband dropped it straight away - and then it took half an hour for the baby to get to sleep as she kept pulling herself up to a stand in there.

Next step is going to be her pulling herself along the furniture....!

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