Thursday, 10 May 2012

Pull up and fall down

Yesterday at mother group, the baby pulled herself up in to a stand twice on the ball rack toy.

Then, at the SIL's house, she pulled herself up on the ottoman (to get to the afternoon tea, after I assured them that she wouldn't do it).

Of course, at the last moment her feet slipped out from under and she slipped and banged her head right on the floor (the second time she burst in to tears in less than an hour).

It took a little while to calm her - it was a bit of a shock for her as it was the furthest she would have fallen, as she went from her highest high to her lowest low (literally).

It was also interesting for me in terms of wanting to calm her, but also wondering what people were thinking... I know that I wasn't being judged on how I dealt with her, but I'm pretty conscious of trying to soothe her while still trying to encourage her to be resilient.

As a person, pre-baby, I've generally been pretty blase about a lot of things - in many ways, blase about 'important' things, and then deeply affected by things which might not seem so important. So even while I had her little tears on my shoulder I was thinking about how I could help her without mollycoddling her, but also how I just wanted to hug and kiss and babytalk her until she forgot about the shock.

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