Saturday, 5 May 2012


I've been doing my bit to keep babyproofing the house - finding things as she's finding them, then sorting them out.

I'd noticed her pulling at the plastic bags next to the fridge (a bad habit I picked up somewhere along the way), so I decided to pull them out this afternoon and sort out the bags. There were a few aprons beside the fridge too, so I pulled them out to stick them in the washing machine.

As I walked from the fridge to the laundry (about 6 metres), I looked back to see where the baby was, to see if I had enough time to start the washing machine and could still see her.

And then I saw something in front of the fridge, about two metres in front of her.

And my stomach dropped.

A. dead. mouse.


She was nowhere near it. But. Had I not looked back? I feel sick just thinking about it.

Like almost teary sick.

I can't even imagine...

When will I stop doing this sort of thing?!

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