Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I've been really pleasantly surprised with how well our dogs are handling the baby.

Well, one more that the other.

The smaller one (who is less than 3kg) snapped towards her the other day. He has a world of stomach issues and gets grumpy and sooky when he is unwell. He doesn't bite hard, he would put teeth on her hand, with no force. But he got in a LOT of trouble for that.

The bigger one is amazingly patient. They both seem to spend all day chasing each other. If the baby isn't crawling over to her dogbed, the dog will come and sit by her (usually trying to lick her, but often just getting in the way).

The baby has tried a couple of times to use her to stand up, but hasn't succeeded yet.

But what is SUPER adorable is how the baby is trying to play with her. We have a box of ropey dog toys that we got for Costco for them for Christmas. The baby has seen her carrying them around in her mouth, so she has started to hold the toy out towards the dogs mouth for her to hold on to it. Yesterday, they were almost playing tug of war with it (very closely supervised of course). Today, she doesn't seem to know what the baby wants, but it's short lived anyway as I have to confiscate it as soon as she goes to put it in her own mouth (roughly five seconds after she first picks it up).

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